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Estate and personal care planning as unique as you are.
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Telschow Johnson Law PLLC exclusively focuses on estate planning and elder law because we care about your future and the legacy you wish to leave your loved ones. Feeling confident in your decisions will provide you with the resources and education needed to make the right choices for your specific, unique situation.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Create a strategic plan that protects your estate and family from the unexpected.

Elder Law

Establish legal protections that guide financial and medical decisions.

Last Will & Testament

Ensure that final wishes and asset protections are legally binding.


Provide security and protection for your interests for the long term.

Powers of Attorney

Make difficult decisions now with those you trust the most.


Create a hassle-free plan to execute your will smoothly and efficiently when the time comes.


Care for those who can’t care for themselves, with a legal team to guide you.

Medicaid Planning

Navigate the qualification process with attorneys who know the system.

Disability Planning

Protect disabled loved ones with financial resources for tomorrow.

Your partner for what lies ahead

With us by your side, you will never be alone. We will answer your questions, inform you of your options, and counsel you with legal advice and representation.

The future is uncertain, but you can be confident when you plan ahead. It is never too early to make or revise an estate plan.

Contact us today. Call 817-632-7711 to see how we can assist you and your loved ones. Located in Fort Worth, Texas, we serve individuals and families throughout the surrounding area with all estate planning needs.
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Maribell Arreguin
Maribell Arreguin
22:00 20 Mar 24
This law office was VERY thorough and efficient when it came to estate planning for my mom !!! Attorney Monika Worsley was very helpful and broke everything down in layman terms and had patience with my mom when she needing more clarification.Kuddos to Rebecca (client services) for always sending the documents and correspondance in a timely and professional manner !!!!
Andrew Crim
Andrew Crim
11:19 14 Feb 24
Karen and her team helped us do estate planning for my son with special needs. They made a very difficult process easy for us!
Roma Adipat
Roma Adipat
20:23 25 Jan 24
Karen Johnson and her team are amazing! My brother-in-law worked with her on wills and a trust for my sister and him to manage their complicated family situation. Soon after those were in place, my brother-in-law became ill, and later both he and my sister passed within two weeks of each other. Karen, Brenda and others worked with me for eight months to manage the wills and trust. Their advice, support and quick responses kept me on track and sane. I recommend them for all estate needs and would, without hesitation, work with them again.
Daren Dahl
Daren Dahl
15:52 16 Jan 24
I recently had the privilege of working with Karen Telschow Johnson on a delicate and complex guardianship case for my father-in-law, who suffers from Alzheimer's. Selecting an attorney for such a personal matter can be overwhelming, but choosing Karen turned out to be the perfect decision.From the beginning, Karen Telschow Johnson showed an impressive grasp of the legal intricacies of guardianship cases, along with a deeply empathetic understanding of the challenges families face when dealing with dementia. Her wealth of experience in this area was clearly evident in our interactions.What set Karen apart was her dedication to providing comprehensive support. She went beyond mere legal advice, offering invaluable resources for caregivers and insight into the subtleties of caring for someone with Alzheimer's. Her guidance was not only practical but also delivered with compassion, making a challenging process much more manageable.I highly recommend Karen Telschow Johnson to anyone facing the complexities of guardianship, especially in situations involving dementia. Her expertise, combined with her empathetic and supportive approach, makes her an exceptional choice for families in similar circumstances.
Carol Sosebee
Carol Sosebee
19:35 12 Jan 24
Karen and her team, Marth, Nicole, and Rebecca, are professional and thorough. It is clear from our interactions with them that they want to help you with your areas of concern, not convince you that you need something you don't. My husband and I worked with them to put our estate planning documents in place, and their expertise was evident at every step of the process. We are so glad we chose them. We now have a sense of relief at having formalized our wishes, and also being a client of this law firm if we need to make changes, or other issues arise.
Mary Brammer
Mary Brammer
14:49 11 Jan 24
Karen and her team are outstanding! Highly recommended!
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